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Great Blue's Beginnings

World's Largest HR Database

Great Blue Analytics' journey began in academia, where cutting-edge data analytics were developed.  The system is built on leading research using psychometric meta-analytic structural equation modeling.  Greater than many so-called "artificial intelligence" systems, Great Blue is distinct in that it uses psychology theory combined with real-world data and a type of Bayesian analytics that predicts human attitudes and behaviors (i.e., human psychology) with uncanny, unparalleled precision.  

After "freeing" this database and the analytic techniques from academia, these algorithms have been used by companies both small and large, including one of the top 10 largest Fortune 500 companies.   

We have found that our system is most beneficial for executives who want to get a clear, quick, and deep understanding of their workplace and its people.  While HR managers will benefit from our system as well, its primary use is for executives wanting to be more strategic with their HR.