Great Blue Analytics

 We make it easy for executives to quickly capture a deep understanding of their HR, from help with selecting the best candidates in an applicant pool to creating a high-performing organization. Using psychometric meta-analytics, we help you predict the best HR decisions now and into the future.    

What we do

We give executives the HR intelligence they need to navigate their people and teams to success while avoiding unforeseen HR risks that lie beneath the surface.  

Oftentimes, a company's HR is like an iceberg: there is what employees and managers display "above the surface," and there is the vast majority of HR information that lies hidden "beneath the surface."  Using state-of-the-art predictive analytics, we reveal with unparalleled precision the potential and risks of your work force now and into the future.   Our detailed findings give  executives the intelligence and clarity they need to be strategic with their HR. 

Why Us?

Great Blue Analytics is the best in the business, with its Deep Dive Meta-Analytics™  technology developed through leading edge organizational psychology research combined with one of the world's largest HR databases.  We help executives see what is beneath the surface of their HR. 


Who uses our technology?

Our clients are typically executives who need to quickly ascertain the condition of their workplace's existing--and future--HR strengths and weaknesses.  Other users of our technology are investors who want to understand the underlying condition of the human resources of a firm or team. 

About Us


How Our System Works

Like the blue whale, the largest animal on planet earth, Great Blue Analytics has compiled the largest HR database of its kind, spanning across decades of research and including hundreds of thousands of employees working in hundreds of companies across dozens of industries all over the world.  Coupled with the most sophisticated Bayesian and psychometric, meta-analytic statistical techniques, we can inform you of untapped potential lying beneath the surface of your workplace using our Deep Dive Analytics™.  We can also predict and quantify--with up to 99% precision--the potential risks in your workplace today, to help you make the tough decisions that will ensure your company's success now and in the future. 

Estimate ROI of Your HR Decisions

Our Deep Dive Meta-Analytics ™  also help you avoid future HR risks, so that you can begin navigating now for future success.  This technology helps you make intelligent, non-biased staffing decisions, promotion decisions, and quantifiably assess training needs. 

We quantify your HR to help you make unbiased, intelligent decisions regarding your people and your teams. 


We help you make big decisions with a small amount of effort from you or your employees.

With the largest HR database of its kind in the world, Great Blue only needs to collect minimal data from you and your employees to help you quantify and predict existing and future HR strengths and risks. 


Certain exclusions apply